Customer Service, It Can't Be Taught, It's A Way Of Life

Customer Service, It Can't Be Taught, It's A Way Of Life

By Chris Groome
05 March 2015

Earlier this week whilst between meetings in London I popped into a store to purchase a gift. This particular store could well be defined as being in the luxury goods marketplace but it wasn’t the purchasing of the item but the level of service I received that astounded me. I felt a valued customer, I felt important and I felt like I had the full attention of the person taking care of me and my purchase.

“Excellence in customer service isn’t something that can be taught, it’s a passion you have towards your customer.”

Back at the office I received a call from a recent new customer; they were experiencing problems with getting the correct file from their credit card provider to be imported into our Expenses system. After discussing the importance of getting this working for the customer and their distress at the problems they were experiencing I contacted our Professional Services team. Firstly a member of the team called the customer straight away and discussed the options around getting the file to work or what alternative files could be used instead. The customer commented that they were impressed with the speed and efficiency of the response.

Shortly after that a member of the team sat down with the file received from the customer and put it through various existing formats that were available, examining each format and where the file matched and didn’t match. After each one the information of what had been learnt was fed back to the customer to keep them informed. Following several attempts the problem was identified and a quick fix enables the file to now be imported into Expenses and work brilliantly.

Why is this excellence? Well, what I failed to tell you was that after the initial call we identified that there was actually two options to finding a solution, one where the customer could liaise with their credit card provider and one where our team here at Selenity (formerly Software Europe) could try some alternatives and testing – without hesitation the latter option was chosen. The team recognised the customer’s distress at experiencing a problem and removed that from their grasp, investigated and found the fix and then gave it back to the customer fully functioning. This was all done whilst the team continue to complete their daily tasks and all of the projects they manage.

As Commercial Sales Manager here at Selenity I more than many others hear a lot of praise and feedback for our teams from our group of fantastic customers. Whether that be our front of house team in Business Support, our knowledgeable Service Desk, our Professional Services whizz kids, our technologically advanced Development and Testing team, our colourful Marketing team or our suave Sales team. I often share this feedback and the responses I always get are the same “delivering exceptional customer service is what we do here at Selenity.”

Excellence in customer service comes from within and when it’s built into the very timbers of the building, the philosophy and ethos of the company and those that work within it’s the only way to do things.

Our customers are more than just customers; they are part of the Selenity Community.