The roadside restaurant special...

The roadside restaurant special...

By Jo Downend
10 March 2014

The perfect stop for those on a per-diem expense policy. If you have a £10 a day lunch allowance then it is only right to claim it all isn't it? Even if you just buy a £2.99 sandwich.

So how do we get a receipt for £10? This is where the Roadside Restaurant steps in... This sounds a bit gruesome but if you look in the bin outside you'll be greeted by a selection of receipts, some covering a number days.  If you are lucky you might cover your entire claims for the week in one hit!

The Roadside Restaurant Special is hard to spot but watch out for those that are claiming the maximum, or close to it, every day. We've seen over-confidence too. Make sure claims aren't being made for Bank Holidays or weekends – a good sign that a stack of receipts has been processed blindly.