It's on me!

It's on me!

By Jo Downend
07 March 2014

This scam is a particular favourite with employees who enjoy their wining and dining. Most companies are content that entertaining customers is part of the sales process and will accept the expense. Of course if it is an important client then there's no harm in going somewhere nice.

The scam is simple, effective and rarely spotted. The most obvious thing about the scam is that you don't really need the client to enjoy this lavish experience. Take your partner or friend instead, obviously putting the clients name down as the recipient of your expense – let's be honest it is highly unlikely that someone will call the important client to check if they were there.

Spotting this scam isn't too difficult once you are looking for it. The most obvious sign is the extravagance of the meal; the second is the recurrence of the client name. For this scam to be low risk the important client should be one of your key clients.