I wanted to wear a spacesuit to work!

I wanted to wear a spacesuit to work!

By Jo Downend
07 March 2014

Selenity (formerly Software Europe) CEO Neil Everatt and Head of Customer Experience Anthony Sherwin presented to 200 students and parents at Sir Robert Pattinson Academy about the importance of work experience. Here at Selenity we actively encourage local students to join us for work experience to gain an insight into what awaits them when they leave school. 

We’re in a unique position that we offer a variety of experiences, from software development, business development and marketing through to business support, all under one roof. Anthony offered up some amusing anecdotes as he explained his path into employment from initially wanting to be an astronaut and wear a spacesuit, to his position now in a suit and tie!

Anthony commented, “Work experience shaped my career, as once I'd worn a suit, I knew I wanted to work in an office environment. Undertaking work experience is a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved. The students gain a valuable understanding of life in the workplace which in the future can benefit us, and the economy as a whole.”

The local community is important to Selenity and we always look at ways we can achieve our ethos and values, and regularly take part in charity events. We’re currently involved in a student mentoring scheme and often present to local schools about our industry sector and the world of work.

Neil Everatt commented, “Selenity takes great pride in supporting the local community and we actively engage with the students at Sir Robert Pattinson Academy on a regular basis. These students are the next generation of professionals who can continue to push our business forward and it’s great to see the enthusiasm they possess and we look forward to welcoming more students in the future.”