Are your HR case documents stored in one safe and easy place to find?

Are your HR case documents stored in one safe and easy place to find?

By Andy Shettle, Chief Product Officer of ER Tracker
18 June 2018

Managing complex HR cases inevitably means there will be a large number of documents associated with a case such as letters, minutes and outcomes from hearings, phone calls, emails, witness statements and the list goes on.

In our experience, the majority of clients we meet have a mixture of 'filing' locations for case documents including, electronic storage on email or the file server, paper copies in the HR filing room, their desk drawer and of course their memory!

Having good record keeping is essential if you want to be successful in managing your employee relations cases and confident that if you end up in an employment tribunal you have all your case documents to rely upon.

Selenity ER Tracker has the functionality that allows users to securely load all types of case documents against the case so that your documents are held in a logical manner. Just simply search for the case or the employee involved and you will find the full history of case notes, from minutes, phone conversations, emails, room booking information and any other type of case document you wish to hold. What's more, if your colleague handling the case is away from the office or leaves the organisation, all case notes uploaded to Selenity ER Tracker are available for others to see, subject to user permissions, so searching through files, drawers, emails and all those other places weird and wonderful places will be a thing of the past.

Selenity ER Tracker is an innovative online application that is configured to customer’s HR policies, which increases compliance while improving efficiencies of employee relations cases.


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