I've Been On The Otherside

I've Been On The Otherside

By Julie Turner
09 June 2016

I've worked for Selenity (formerly Software Europe) for just over two years as a Professional Services Consultant implementing Expenses to our NHS and commercial clients. ER Tracker is fairly new to me, I have just completed my first two implementations with NHS clients. Each implementation is bespoke, there is no ‘off the shelf’ version with any of our solutions.

I previously worked for the NHS and so have gone through the process of attempting to streamline, process map and ‘lean’ employee processes so understand some of the hurdles our customers may have.  
For ER Tracker, we work with customers to set up their HR case types, from grievances to sickness absence, in line with their HR policies and procedures. Any type of case can be managed through ER Tracker. Each case type has stages, each stage has steps and every step of their HR process has timelines and reminders which are fully configured into the system.  
The reporting suite and dashboards give a full visibility of all cases, who is handling them, what stage they are at, how long it takes to complete each stage. Reports can be created on cases, by employee, by demographics, by organisation…. basically any combination based on the information held within ER Tracker. HR Managers can clearly see who is handling a case, if cases are being managed within timeframes and whether all stages and steps have been completed appropriately.  
The amount of information recorded against each case ensures that customers only need to go to one centralised location to get all the information they need. Additional information they may record includes investigating officers, hearing officers, union reps, any external costs etc against each case or step. Letter templates can be generated directly from the system and saved against the case, along with any notes.  E-mails too can be generated and any replies will come back into the system and be stored against the relevant case.  
Having worked on the otherside of the fence, the benefits of ER Tracker are clear. Our customers instantly have full control and visibility over all their employee relations cases.

Each implementation brings with it new challenges and qwerks depending on the customer requirements but I love knowing that once they're using it how much easier their job will be.