Why Values Make Such A Difference

Why Values Make Such A Difference

By Rachel Dean
18 June 2015

It’s seems a growing trend these days for many people to job hop after a few years. Whether it’s wanting to experience a new industry or simply not feeling enriched, many people spend their evenings searching for something better.

So what makes people stay at companies for the long term?  The key theme that we keep coming back to is values. Once you strip away all the benefits you’d expect from any job, what is it that sits high above these and really does add ‘the icing on the cake’?

We caught up with Professional Services Consultant Rachel Dean who gave us her insight into why we’re such a friendly bunch.  

My name is Rachel Dean and I am a Professional Services Consultant at Seleinty (formerly Software Europe), and I have been with the company for around 5 ½ years.

One of the things that I have always liked about working here is the friendliness of the whole company. It is really cheesy, but to me, that matters.

Whenever I am purchasing something, whether it a car, a pair of shoes, or looking for a new utilities supplier the attitude of the person I am dealing with goes a long way in my decision making process. Yes cost, reputation, and quality are important, but I also put a lot of weight to the type of person I am dealing with. They are the representative of the whole company.

I may be in the minority and I may not be right, but when I am buying something, especially if it is with my own money, I do base some of my decision on my emotions.

I believe that trust plays a big part in most of the decisions we make, whether it be personal or business. I take my car to a slightly more expensive garage because I trust them. I have gone to the same hairdresser for years because I trust her. And I always have the same dish at my favourite restaurant. Trust and reputation takes a long time to build up and a second to destroy. If I felt my garage was charging me for things I did not need or my car was unsafe to drive, or my hairdresser accidently cut off 5 inches of hair instead of 1, or I got really ill following a meal at my favourite restaurant, I probably would take my business elsewhere.

I know these things are important to Selenity, as I work here and I see it. I believe this is one of the reasons employees stay here longer, and we have some of the most loyal customers you could hope for. I cannot speak for our customers, but from a personal point of view, the friendliness, the comfortable atmosphere, and the values that Selenity ooze is what keeps me, as an employee, here.