The move to Selenity

The move to Selenity

By Neil Everatt
26 July 2017

We sat down with CEO Neil Everatt so he could explain the reasons behind changing our name from Software Europe to Selenity.

The decision to change our name from Software Europe to Selenity was not an easy one, but the right one. Software Europe has been part of my life for 25 years and after so long you become attached and familiar with what it means and what it stands for. There’s a fear that changing the name could somehow change the ethos and the principles of the business. The reality is of course that a name change doesn’t change your ‘DNA’. 

So, what did Software Europe mean? The company was founded on the understanding that providing a fantastic level of service and support to your customers was a great model for success. If you offer some great products as well it should be a winning formula. So, on the 13th March 1989, Software (Europe) Limited, trading as Software Europe, was registered at Companies House and so began its business of reselling software from mainly the North American markets into the UK and Europe. Our niche was to resell software that operated on the big chunky mainframe computers. These mainframes processed millions of transactions a day for the banks, building societies and insurance industry.  

Reselling Software in Europe was the mission and so the name Software Europe was a perfect fit. We offered some very exciting mainframe computer software with an exceptional level of support and the business grew steadily.  

However, our world changed just prior to the year 2000 when an idea was raised about this new thing called the internet. We began dabbling with ideas, an early social media website was launched called, a place for amateur clubs to promote themselves. The light bulb moment arrived when the Finance Director was on their monthly rant about the expense claims she had to check and correct. That was the moment that Software Europe changed from being a reseller to an innovating developer of cloud technologies and Expenses was born. Initially as a client server product to be distributed on a CD-ROM, but within a few months the application was re-written to operate as cloud based service. 

Expenses grew into what it is today, an incredibly feature rich application for businesses that are serious about managing their expenses. We are proud to say we pioneered the mileage validation features within expenses, which has saved company’s £millions by creating accurate journey claims. I am not sure we realised how powerful this feature was going to be until it started being copied by every expenses system on the market. I have a feeling we are about to see history repeat itself with our automatic duty of care checking service.

Launching our Expenses Mobile app was a pivotal moment for us. Version one was launched on iTunes in 2012, and I’ll be honest, watching the app go live was a very special moment, the culmination of months of innovation and development. 

So why Selenity?  We feel that we are more than just software, we have created some cool applications that are doing remarkable things…more than just software. We believe we have a great reputation for being nice to do business with, a caring company that isn’t afraid to get involved with the local community…more than just software. We will continue to innovate and bring new, more efficient ways of doing things, backed up by a team of people that are passionate about what we do…more than just software.

We may have changed our direction and fine-tuned our product positioning, however our core ethos and the values we stand for remain as strong as ever. The move to Selenity recognises the evolution of our organisation and we look forward to the what the future holds. 



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