How mobilising your workforce will benefit your organisation

How mobilising your workforce will benefit your organisation

By Lewis Hughes
27 July 2017

Technology is constantly shaping the way finance and HR work. With cloud adoption on the increase more companies are ditching spreadsheets and paper mountains and embracing a digital landscape.

More and more employees are now enjoying the freedom that mobile working brings them. The ability to access their work tools anywhere there is internet results in a more flexible and efficient workforce.

For the time being this work model is largely dominated by cloud-technology however we are seeing more business apps shape the horizon; and as the next generation [“Generation Mobile”] of the workforce demands mobile applications as standard, we will see a shift that sees apps as the driver rather than an afterthought.

We know that mobile traffic overtook desktop back in 2016, which may have been a wake-up call especially for small businesses, sole traders and professionals to make sure that their websites are mobile friendly; however why are apps still often viewed as an afterthought?

Having launched our first Expenses Mobile app back in 2012 we're now on version 3. Throughout this process we have learned a great deal about how apps can offer flexibility, speed and a premium support level to the expenses industry. For us the app is a key driver in our technology roadmap, and is now almost shaping the future of business expenses. Many of our new customers view our app as a motivating factor for choosing our Expenses solution and wouldn't consider a solution that couldn't offer the same level of functionality.

There are many benefits to supporting a mobilised workforce. Research has shown that a mobile workforce can be much more productive. When your employees have access to office functionality from any location, they tend to carry out work related activities beyond usual office hours. Although this behaviour is entirely voluntary, research has shown that it is a widespread habit. When you allow greater flexibility to your workforce, they are likely to be much more content in their jobs and therefore less likely to leave the company. As a result, your staff retention rates will increase and you won’t have to invest as much in recruitment and staff training.*

People are using mobile apps in all facets of their lives on a daily basis. Personal and professional lives have become intertwined and the line between work and home has blurred. As a result, people expect mobile apps for the workforce to be just as well designed and usable as those they use as consumers. Mobile apps for the workforce need to allow for easy data entry, quick access to key functions, and simple navigation for smooth workflows and high productivity. That’s why it is so important for mobile apps in the workforce to be designed with a business consumer in mind.

When choosing to implement solutions into your organisation you should consider how mobile friendly the process is. Given the rate at which technology is evolving and the demand for mobile applications it simply won’t be enough for a system to be available online.




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