The Little Things Add Up

The Little Things Add Up

By Adam Bamford
05 July 2016

Here in the Expedite Processing Centre we offer speed and accuracy to ensure claimants are being reimbursed in the quickest and most compliant fashion possible. At the same time we keep our eye on trends and things that stand out from the norm.

A noticeable mistake that keeps coming up again and again recently is the error of putting your change total as the claim total! We are seeing this mistake quite frequently now whereby a claimant has paid for £3 of goods with a £10 note which results in £7 change, but rather than claim the £3 for lunch it is the £7 making its way onto the claim line.

Easy mistake to make for sure and often the change total is printed larger than the actual amount tendered for goods. As part of the outsourced service we reject these claims and ask the claimant to rectify the mistake by changing the total. Nice and simple, no one is out of pocket and the reimbursement is only delayed by as long as it takes the claimant to process the amendment.

The worry I have is for those that aren’t using an outsourced service or who don’t have the manpower to perform a routine of checks on every single receipt, I wonder how many of these ‘totals’ are being paid. What we see when we speak to prospective customers during the sales cycle is if it’s under the expense type limit, the receipt will very rarely be checked. So taking the above as an example, if that claimant has a limit of £10 for lunch (certainly not uncommon) he or she could over claim by up to £7 on each lunch claim.

£7 per day! For an engineer who may well spend 5 working days on the road that is £35 per week and £1,400 per year (taking an average 40 weeks of working per annum) multiply by an engineer workforce of 600 is a staggering £840,000 per annum just from an oversight.

This is an extreme example but the point is a valid one; simple mistakes by claimants can add up if a rigorous process of checking receipts against claims isn’t in place.

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