Positive Relationships

Positive Relationships

By Sophie Blackband
25 July 2016

We caught up with Business Support Team Leader Sophie Blackband to chat about how they use GreenLight to improve efficiencies within Selenity (formerly Software Europe) and the positive relationships that exist between departments.

I watch colleagues throw passion, experience and knowledge to ensure that we have intelligent, configurable and valuable solutions to help improve the efficiency of other businesses.

Working within the Business Support team has enabled me to experience first hand the importance of positive relationships between all of our departments and how we all interlink to ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible service, but also work together to be as efficient as we can internally.

To help achieve this we use our own GreenLight solution to improve processes from anything such as creating requisitions, sending request for contracts and managing HR processes such as authority to recruit forms. By using GreenLight we are applying a smooth approval system to ensure that no bottlenecks occur and enabling us to drive efficiency throughout the business.

To improve these processes it takes the input of various colleagues within the business to ensure that all of the stages are being covered to allow for a steady workflow. Different departments working together not only creates a great working environment, but it also means we're working together to make processes easier and more streamlined.

At Selenity we like to do things differently and have a strong set of values that drive us to deliver the best service and working environment. As we progress to be a paperless company, using GreenLight for different processes and workflows is just one of the ways we are streamlining our business and building positive relationships with colleagues.