An Unforgettable Week

An Unforgettable Week

By Jack Chalkley
06 July 2016

We had the pleasure of welcoming Jack Chalkley from North Kesteven School to Selenity (formerly Software Europe). It was a jam packed week for Jack which gave him the opportunity to experience daily life in each department, and a taster of what it’s like working in an energetic office environment.

Here’s what Jack thought about his week with Selenity.

I have always been quite a quiet and shy person, I never liked to talk to people I did not know. This was before I went for my week of work experience with Selenity. My confidence has increased greatly and although I still won’t be the best at talking to people I don’t know, I definitely will not feel nervous about having to do so.

I have spent the week getting an idea of the working world and an insight on how Selenity works and operates. I have visited all of the various departments and seen how they all contribute to the business. All week I have known what I would be doing and at what time thanks to an in depth plan of my week.

On the first day I was given an introduction to the company that all new employees have, this told me all about the expectations of the company and this is also where I was told about health and safety and the security procedures I needed to follow throughout the week. I spent the rest of the day with the sales and marketing teams learning how the product is advertised to potential customers and the sales team processes.

On Tuesday I was with the development team and shown how they write code in C Sharp. I was given the task to edit a program they have created which gives you the ability to create your own dinosaur and add all of the options you choose into a database. I had to add another section to it, so this included adding more to the design of the programme such as the buttons and text fields I would need. I was then challenged to actually create the code behind them so that they would do what I wanted them to do. Then I was shown the Quality Assurance section of development, this is where the software that has been created by the developers is tested and made sure that it is fit for their customers to use.

The next day I got to meet the people who keep the company running. This involved meeting Neil Everatt, the CEO of Selenity. He told me what he thinks matters when running a company and how he believes that all people should be equal within a business. He told me that he is there to point the company in the right direction and ensure that all of his employees work in an enjoyable and friendly environment.

I spent Thursday in service desk where I was given 6 laptops and asked to completely wipe them and reinstall windows. I liked being trusted to fix the laptops and restore them back to how they should be and then I observed how they solve the tickets that people raise when they have a problem or query.

This week has been truly unforgettable and I have loved every second of it. I felt really welcome within the business and all of the employees are really friendly and welcoming. I really enjoyed spending time with the development team and it confirmed that it is the field of work that I would like to go in to. I also loved spending time with Neil Everatt, he was very friendly and exactly what I hope my future boss will be like. He is very friendly and treats all of his colleagues as friends, not as people who work for him. ­­­