The NCS Makes A Difference

The NCS Makes A Difference

By Lewis Hughes
29 July 2015

Yesterday we met Amy at Liquorice Park to see how the NCSEM1 group are getting on with their renovating project.


Liquorice Park Millennium Green Trust is green space for the benefit of wildlife, residents and visitors. It attracts birdlife at the park - the usual suspects - including Blue Tit, Song Thrush, Robin, and Finches.

The young people had visited the week before to work out, with some of the park volunteers, where best to spend their time. Already cracking on, they are clearing the pathways and chopping back the overgrowth all to help preserve the site for future generations.

I also spotted some unusual Topiary, can you tell what they are?

The team has also been fundraising for Alzheimer’s, and will finish their week being shown the skill of willow weaving to build some screening.

Skate ParkToday I visited the North Hykeham skate park and met Anna. The team there were working hard preparing the facelift to the park. They had taken time to speak to the locals to see what their interests were, and to make sure they gave it a gnarly makeover. They were giving it a full whitewash while planning some artwork to be applied after. There was a mention of DC and Marvel and rainbow art, so we can’t wait to see the end result.

Tomorrow the team will be starting a fundraising walk in aid of Lives at the top of Lincoln, stopping at the waterside for the bake sale, then finishing back at Hykeham. 

So if you see them please give generously, and we’ll be looking out for them.