My Week At Selenity

My Week At Selenity

By Lewis Hughes
17 July 2015

We recently had a student from Sir Robert Pattinson Academy join us for a week of work experience. Before she left, we asked her to tell us about her week.

I arrived at the Selenity (formerly Software Europe) office for my first day which was quite daunting at the time as I did not know what to expect from the week ahead. I was welcomed straight away and received a very helpful guide about my week including what departments and activities I would be participating in.

  • After completing my induction, I was taken up to the Sales & Marketing office and given an introduction to the Sales team. This included an overview of who they are and what they do. I then got to listen in on some sales calls and learnt how they promote and sell their product to potential customers.
  • CEO Neil Everatt gave me a tour of the office and I learnt about the history of Software Europe.
  • I was introduced to the Marketing team and learnt how they use social media to connect with customers and prospects.
  • I spent a day in the Business Support department where they taught me about duty of care, what it is and why it’s so important. I then assisted another member of the team to take some stock and created an Excel document with the information on.
  • Working in the Service Desk department was one of my favourite days. I really enjoyed assisting with internal support working with the servers and networks.
  • I worked in Finance which I also really enjoyed. After going through the job role I helped to file documents and create spreadsheets.
  • I spent time with the Development team and got to write some html which now makes a lot more sense! I now see how much effort goes into creating the software that they provide.

In this week I learnt so much about an office environment. Software Europe has made my week so enjoyable which is probably down to the lovely people and great working atmosphere and it’s really made me consider a career in IT.