OK Glass

OK Glass

By Jo Downend
23 July 2014

Brighton in July and what a beautiful couple of days we enjoyed at the HFMA Conference.  The sun shone down and the venue being a stone’s throw from the promenade meant that we got the best of both worlds.  A great conference and the sea air.

Selenity (formerly Software Europe) attend these events as exhibitors and with 65% of the NHS workforce now having access to our cloud technology they are a great place to meet customers and those potential customers.  We host a booth in the exhibition area which gave us the perfect environment to talk about how Selenity’s cloud technology in the Healthcare sector was evolving.  We added a bit more excitement by showing our mileage app running on Google Glass.

Google Glass is Google’s first generation wearable technology and the device is worn in the same way you would wear a pair of glasses.  An image is ‘projected’ in your peripheral vision which displays information.  Maps for navigation, on-the-fly translations of languages…that menu in Spanish will never trouble you again!  Selenitys research and development team had created a version of our expense mileage recording app which is currently available on iPhones and Android devices.