NHS National SIG 2014

NHS National SIG 2014

By Jo Downend
23 July 2014

In June we held the 2nd National NHS Special Interest Group for NHS Expenses. This event is when regional NHS representatives come together to discuss NHS Expenses best practise/policy in the NHS. Sue Childerstone from Northumbria Healthcare summarised the day.

Sue Childerstone, Head of Payroll, NHS Payroll Services for Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust , commented:

“A National Special Interest Group was set up with Selenity (formerly Software Europe) which included invited representatives from all NHS Regions. The terms of reference were agreed which included some of the ways in which the NHS uses the system. In addition, agreement was reached  and how future developments and enhancements for NHS users are identified and communicated. By working in partnership with SEL, the group is confident that this event will continue to assist in customer led development.”