Mobile Is A Go!

Mobile Is A Go!

By Jo Downend
04 July 2014

The new version of Selenity's (formerly Software Europe’s) Expenses Mobile app has been released with the addition of its new GPS mileage feature.

The Expenses Mobile app now includes functionality to seamlessly record your journey with just a tap. Using GPS technology the new mileage feature pinpoints your exact location for accurate calculation and reimbursement. Gone are the days when you had to memorise or research address details, it can now all be done at the tap of a button!

Claimants are able to record a Start location, Add Stops along the journey and pinpoint where the journey Finishes with the option to edit the journey details at a later time if required.

This nifty addition offers Expenses customers an even smarter way to record, track and process employee expenses on the move. Through pinpointing exact locations, mileage reimbursement is now even more accurate and there is no limit to how many stops you can make on a journey. The app is easy to use for both claimants and approvers and is another feature of Expenses that will enable you to streamline employee expenses.

Say goodbye to lost time trying to remember where you’ve been, say hello to a smart solution on the go.