How To Greet People In The Cloud?

How To Greet People In The Cloud?

By Jo Downend
17 July 2014

Login pages are funny things. They serve a purpose and few people question that purpose beyond authorising the customer to get to the real task. Marketing rarely get to touch this space that typically sits in the development team’s domain. You might see the odd item, a conference advert, perhaps a referral scheme. But when we consider the number of eyes that might fall on this page everyday surely it is underutilised?

When a customer lands on the login page we can influence how they feel about your product beyond the authentication process.

We’ll take a simple and possibly extreme example. This first login page is functional, clean and it tells me I’m going to enter a business product.

The second image is the logon page to one of Selenity's (formerly Software Europe's) cloud technologies. The approach here is to make the user smile on arrival, which will set the user experience off to a good start. It is a simple technique but is often dismissed as frivolous. We would argue that a happy user is important when considering adoption of technologies.

If you are planning to use images on a login page we would suggest an ethical decision making check-list to ensure they won’t offend anybody and here is the challenge. Our own experience has been to take the super-neutral approach. What seems innocent can offend your customers so your checklist will need to be thorough.

By getting our login page ‘right’ we can set the mood of the users and then their feelings about using our solution.