5 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement

5 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement

By Emma Coultan
24 January 2017

January is in full swing and as it is well known for being the most depressing month of the year, it's more important than ever for employee engagement initiatives to be successful. Engaged colleagues are more likely to be absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and therefore boost productivity and well-being. 

In order to achieve employee engagement, it's important to look at the business as a whole. All areas have the potential to have a positive impact on your colleagues, but our Chief HR Officer Emma Coultan has narrowed it down to the following 5 areas that can help boost your employee engagement.

1. People Focused Culture

People really are the driving force behind any business and enabling colleagues to really have their say will increase engagement almost instantly. Never underestimate the power of a survey. A workplace where all colleagues are presented with the opportunity to be involved in decision making is critical to engagement. It is equally as important for their voices to actually be heard, so make sure you act on the results of a survey/poll is vital.  

2. Engaging Leadership

The most important aspect of engaging leadership within your organisation is to abolish the ‘them and us’ culture. Colleagues sometimes feel as though they are working for management instead of 'for the team' as a whole. Leadership which promotes transparency and honesty can help abolish this culture and embed that team feeling. Inspiring, motivating and passionate leadership will also engage colleagues. 

3. Reward and Recognition

A bit of R&R, (in the HR context) works wonders. Small rewards can go a long way, not in the sense of money either, often; simple but heartfelt thanks will make a big impact on your colleagues. Individuals need to know their efforts are being recognised and in turn this will increase engagement. This method works well when tailored to the individual; make time to celebrate accomplishments in a way that is meaningful for them. 

4. Growth and Opportunity

Those colleagues who feel their company is utilising 100% of their skills are more likely to feel engaged. Discussing career aspirations seems simple but it is key, individuals may have a skill you didn’t know about which can be utilised in other areas of the company. Colleagues may also have aspirations to progress throughout the company but have never had the opportunity to speak up.

Acting upon these discussions is also essential, even if there are no opportunities to progress, which can often occur in smaller companies; there may however be further responsibilities which that individual can take on. It's not just about investing money, but more importantly time in your colleagues.

5. Having Fun!

Encouraging colleagues to have a well-rounded work life balance will also engage a workforce. Consider initiatives which enable colleagues to spend time at work and balance their home life more easily. Having fun within work is also a key factor in increasing engagement. Invest time and money in team building activities, lunches out, company/branch-wide meetings – the rewards will speak for themselves in the form of colleagues investing themselves further into the company.