5 Reasons To Go Mobile With Your Expenses

5 Reasons To Go Mobile With Your Expenses

By Lewis Hughes
12 January 2017

10 years ago, a phone was just that, a phone. Now we use our phones to shop, check our bank accounts, find out the latest news and browse social media. Smartphones have become part of our everyday lives. Need to check something? Google it!
As online activity continues to shift towards mobile, it's important that businesses understand and develop a mobile strategy that not only includes a mobile friendly website, but dedicated apps that enrich their products and ultimately make it quick and easy for people to use.
In December 2016 we released the third generation of our Expenses Mobile app, one that replicates the entire expenses process so there's no need to power up a computer.
Mobilising your workforce not only makes their job easier, but it also empowers them. When people have the right tools to do the job, they're more effective.
Have you thought how automating and mobilising your expenses could benefit your business? Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider making the move.


Mobilising your workforce means users no longer need to head back to the office to enter their expenses on a computer or paper form. They can use their smartphone to enter expenses wherever they may be, improving efficiency but also increasing employee happiness and wellbeing.


Receipts can easily get misplaced or damaged, and when it comes to entering expenses some are missing. With a quick snap of the camera, receipts are ready to be attached to the expense item. Key information is also captured such as multiple attendees to a lunch and required VAT information. All of this improves the VAT reclamation for the business. 


Giving users options on how to submit their expenses provides people of all technical abilities an easy way to submit them. They can use the online solution or use the app - making it easy for users to get their money back quicker. The majority of people have a mobile phone on them at all times, so it's easy to add expenses on the go.         


Other features of a smartphone can be utilised. Expenses Mobile uses GPS mileage technology enabling pinpoint accuracy so you can effortlessly record your journey, saving you time and reducing error.


Providing your workforce with the latest technology and resources makes their lives easier, admin tasks less onerous and gives them more time to do what they do best.
Providing our customers with the best tools and service is something we're passionate about. The third generation Expenses Mobile app was released only last month, but work doesn't stop there. We've already planned out the features that we'll be adding to the app making 2017 a very exciting year!