Do You Have A Mileage Headache?

Do You Have A Mileage Headache?

By Lewis Hughes
08 January 2016

We caught up with our Finance Director Andy Jackson to discuss the headaches of manually having to correct mileage and how automation can solve this.

Processing manual claims and the headache of the paperwork that goes with it can be a heavy burden on the resources of a finance department. Prior to working at Selenity (formerly Software Europe) I worked for a company where one of my responsibilities was the processing of payroll and expenses. It’s no exaggeration when I say that I would spend more time checking and correcting mileage claims than I would doing the rest of the payroll from start to finish.

If you have the same task or someone in your department does then you’ll be familiar with the drill, “I travelled 200 miles so I’ll claim for 220”. It’s the unwritten rule of mileage to claim the distance travelled +10%. What about the one’s that submit a claim from home to destination as it’s further than office to destination?

I was in a fortunate position where we didn’t have that many employees out on the road so could afford the time to check each mileage claim on a journey by journey basis. Most companies don’t have that luxury.

That headache is there, the same time, same place, month on month. It’s not just mileage; there are many trials and tribulations when it comes to employee expenses.

Selenity can automate your whole expenses process for you. We use sophisticated route and mileage software to deliver accurate mileage calculations with minimal effort. Our Expenses Mobile app uses GPS technology to accurately calculate mileage ensuring that your company only pays for miles actually travelled which in turn reduces the time lost in manual calculations. 

Just take a few minutes to think about all those mileage claims you process on a monthly basis and then think about how many miles are claimed across those claims. Now how much time do you burn checking those claims? If just half of those claims contained distance + 10% or home to destination over office or worse still both, think how much extra you could have potentially paid in fraudulent claims. Scary isn’t it?

Mileage is just one of the many advantages of using Selenity’s expenses management solution. If this is a burden that you could do with lifting, get in touch with one of our team who will be happy to help.