What We Learnt In 2014...

What We Learnt In 2014...

By Jo Downend
12 January 2015

2015 is upon us, the decorations are down (or should be) and the New Year fitness regimes are in full flow(ish).

Last year we celebrated our 25th year in business and what a great year it was!  As we reflected on 2014 and the lessons we’ve learned during it, we asked our colleagues…What top tips would they take into 2015?

Here’s a roundup of the key drivers that keep us going…

Dawn “If something doesn’t sit right, don’t just accept it, question it until it does!”

Adam “Be prepared for every day. The more prepared you are, the less time you waste.”

Sophie “If you don’t step forward, you will always remain in the same place.”

Chris “Remember to share both your successes and failures, you will be amazed at how your team moves to support you”

Katie “Work SMARTER not harder, you hear it a lot but actively thinking about it and employing it to your time really makes a difference!”

Tony “Join a business networking group of interest, whether in person or over the internet.  Collaborating with other professionals offers the opportunity to generate new ideas, assist others and in some cases promote your business!”

Stephanie “Remain curious and keep learning.”

Rachel “Plan your time, but not just in the short term; plan months ahead. Understand what you want to achieve this quarter, next quarter and even further ahead if warranted, and plan for the future not just the short term.”

Lewis “A well done or a thank you are worth a hundred times more than you think, take the time to thank colleagues for their contributions”

Chrissy “Make task managing a TASK! No matter how busy you are, always take time to continually review your workload, you’ll achieve so much more in the long term.”

Richard “Do what you say you are going to do in the time you are saying you will do it by.”

Kelly “I learnt not just what my strengths are, but what my weaknesses are. This helped me adapt my work style to better support the areas where I was having trouble and focus on skills which I need to improve to produce a higher quality of work.

Kieron “Eat a big bowl of porridge oats prior to work…….because who wants to work on an empty stomach.”