Are you prepared to defend an employment tribunal claim

Are you prepared to defend an employment tribunal claim

By Jo Downend
27 January 2015

A recent article ‘top ten most expensive employment tribunal awards in 2014’, reported that public sector organisations suffered the biggest payouts. The introduction of employment tribunal fees has resulted in a 70% - 80% reduction in claims, however when a case does come to court the sums can be hefty. Ensuring you’ve got the necessary steps in place to manage an employee relations case is the first stage in being prepared.

To assist employers in reducing the risk of ending up at an employment tribunal, having a transparent process for employees to raise their concerns is paramount. Being able to evidence the stages and steps that have been taken is equally important should you have to defend your position in an employment tribunal.

One solution is to consider an employee relations management solution such as ER Tracker. An employee relations system will help you to effectively manage your employee relations case load and be prepared to defend any claim that arises. 

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