Experiencing Selenity for myself

Experiencing Selenity for myself

By Harry Kirk
09 February 2018

We had the pleasure of welcoming Harry Kirk from Sir Robert Pattinson Academy to Selenity for a week’s work experience. Harry spent time with all our departments to give him a real taste of what life is like working for a cloud tech company. There were only great things to be said about Harry from all our colleagues, so let’s take a look at what he made of it all. 

I would like to start off by thanking everyone at Selenity for an eye-opening and productive week. I am so grateful to have discovered a desire to work in such a cultured working environment like Selenity.

From the moment CEO Neil Everatt came and talked about the business and how to prepare for later work life at my school, I knew I wanted to experience Selenity for myself. I was eager to apply and got my placement sorted as soon as possible, this was an opportunity I wasn’t going to miss out on. A week before my placement, I questioned my choice as IT is not my forte, but I stuck with it and I am so glad I did.

I was very nervous on the Monday morning, however my initial nerves soon diminished as I was greeted by a happy face on a gloomy morning. It wasn’t long before I realised that I had never experienced such a unique and homely company like Selenity. This is thanks to the committed, hard-working and inspirational employees, driven Directors and dedicated CEO. My weeks plan was to experience the whole of the business, and to meet as many of the people running this fantastic company as possible. First of all, I would like to give a shout out to Adam Bamford; the start of my week couldn’t have gotten off to a better start as I was greeted by him and his amazing team. (Just a shame Adam is a Derby County fan)

My personal goal for the week was to become more confident when speaking to large groups and individuals I’d never met before, and I definitely feel I achieved this far exceeding my expectations. The biggest shock to me was that I really enjoyed working with the software and taking everything in from Corry and the Technical Team. I don’t see my future in software development but to anyone with a technical interest ; I would highly recommend talking to the Development team at Selenity.

I began my week at Selenity knowing I wanted to go into a job role dealing with customers whether that was Sales, Marketing or Customer Service. My time at Selenity confirmed this, and I now know which path I want to follow in the future. This was a massive learning curve for me as it affirmed my decision increasing my confidence further. The amazing people in Marketing, Sales, Professional Services, Service Desk, Finance and Business Support are all to thank for making me realise my future ambitions.

Over the week my confidence grew as I developed existing skills and developed new ones such as talking to large groups and presenting. I now enjoy talking to people I do not know and feel that I could work alongside these individuals to produce high quality work. My listening skills have also developed, which will help as I have to listen to my teachers a lot more having just started my A-Levels. 

Everyone at Selenity immediately made me feel like a member of the team and I wouldn’t change my experience one bit. I have loved every moment; from attending a meeting with Neil about my aims for the future, to being offered a game of table football in the Green Room (and losing). This business is something special and unique, I advise anyone who gets a chance to experience it for themselves to grab it with both hands, as you’ll probably never experience a business like this. If you put yourself out there and dive into the motions of the business, you will enjoy every single minute of it. 

Thank you Selenity!


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