Innovation Launch Pad - 4 Years On!

Innovation Launch Pad - 4 Years On!

By Jo Downend
11 February 2015

Today marks exactly 4 years since David Cameron proclaimed he wanted to make government procurement much more small-business friendly. The idea here was to make the system more open, more competitive and more transparent; helping provide billions of pounds worth of new business and new business opportunities for smaller companies.

Hearing that the government was planning to break up large contracts into smaller elements, so that SMEs can make a bid and get involved, was great news for us. Then along came a Cabinet Office initiative called the Innovation Launch Pad. The idea was simple, invite SME’s to share their plans and let mentors and government officials offer some guidance.

We entered the Innovation Launch Pad because we had made some good progress with our online expenses solution. The NHS was gradually adopting this cloud technology, Trust by Trust, and we knew that it was making a real difference.

The Cabinet Office's Innovation Launch Pad brought to Selenity (formerly Software Europe):

  • Coverage and awareness.
  • Internal boost
  • Introductions to government departments.
  • Supported our NHS initiatives.

The impact on morale within Selenity was sky high. Our little company from Lincoln, who without loans, overdrafts or any investment, had been recognised for its innovative cloud technologies.

Four years later and our success in the NHS continues to grow. The majority of the 1.4M NHS employees can now access Selenity's cloud technology. The NHS has truly embraced cloud technology as a way to meet their cost reduction targets and we know we are helping them do just that…into the millions of pounds every years. This is a win-win-win!

Looking back on this incredible journey we celebrate our growth:

  • Around 65% of NHS employees who claim expenses now use our technology
  • We ‘ve increased our turnover by 45%.
  • …and four years ago we employed 30 people, that’s now 60

It has been a truly amazing journey which with our new products and services means we’ve really only just begun.