Culture; It's what we make it!

Culture; It's what we make it!

By Anthony Sherwin
05 February 2015

With the start of a new year we recently published a couple of reflective topics. We looked back at 2014 and what it had taught us and explored our colleague Holly’s thoughts on investing in the future!

As we looked at what our colleagues had to say about 2014 and what advice they would take with them into 2015, the topic of organisational culture emerged.

Anthony, our head of client services shares with us his thoughts on culture and being part of Selenity (formerly Software Europe).

“My previous experience has taught me that a business culture defines who we are and what we value.  It’s the fundamental part to how decisions are made.  During my time at Selenity, it’s been apparent that our values really make Selenity a great place to work; a creative and innovative environment while ensuring we value our customers, colleagues and local communities.

It’s been almost 4 years at Selenity and my role has developed from working within Quality Assurance using cutting edge technology to test our Software and ensure it meets our customer expectations, to managing customer accounts and hosting user conferences; and now working closely with Professional Services, the Service Desk and Customer Experience Teams. Through the varied roles, I’ve had great insight into how the business works and have come to the conclusion that connecting our goals to our values makes Selenity a great place to work.

We pride innovation, Selenity’s ideas come from the ‘share an idea culture’ we have in place.  While this naturally fits inside the walls of Selenity, we also expand this to our customers where they form a community to share thoughts that ultimately contribute to a customer led company.  Working in a technology company does have its advantages because we have the knowhow to really push the boundaries of what’s possible.

We’re passionate about the work we do.  We recently upgraded our server infrastructure to the latest scalable cloud technologies; creating exciting opportunities for future growth, continued reliability and enhanced performance.  The goal is to continue delivering optimal performance to our customers.

As a whole, we’re driven to reach our goals and our colleague’s goals; the result is that we reach our customer goals.  For the time I’ve worked here and what I’ve seen so far, Selenity is making giant leaps forward and I’m excited to be a part of that.”