Like F5, We've Refreshed Our Screen!

Like F5, We've Refreshed Our Screen!

By Jo Downend
28 February 2014

Following on from yesterday’s update – we have received really great feedback from our customers about the new Address+ functionality and screen enhancements for Expenses.

“The new intuitive layout of Address+ is really easy to use and navigate. It makes inputting my mileage into Expenses even easier than before.”

We briefly introduced the updated distance validation and interactive widget for Expenses, so make sure you keep checking back as we highlight some of the new features that come with Address+ over the next few days.

New Screen Layout

The entry of information, searching for addresses and finding those that have been searched for previously, is now even easier than before.

  • Customisable comments remain as before, allowing the administration team to provide specific information about their claim.
  • Claimant’s vehicle details are now presented at the beginning of the expense item. If there is more than one vehicle registered in the system, this will be offered from a drop down list.
  • The Add a New Vehicle link will be presented along with the vehicles currently listed.
  • Hovering over the Vehicle Journey Rate field will instantly present the claimant with their specific rate.
  • The Journey Entry Area retains the familiar From and To structure.  The distance is automatically calculated in the Distance Details box. If your system policy permits, the user will be able to continue to overtype the distance in cases where a detour has been required.
  • The next journey step is always present in preparation underneath the first entry. As soon as the user clicks into the field it becomes active.
  • To help claimants enter their journey, contextual help text is available.  This is great for first time claimants or those that need a little reminder about how to claim for their journey

Enhanced Data Protection

To further enhance the management of data protection responsibilities and a data governance perspective, it is now possible to set a time limit on how long an unused personal address is kept in the system. A claimant’s home address is only visible to the individual and will not show any details to approvers or delegates.

To find out more about Address+ and how Expenses can help your organisation save time and money, please contact us.