What's In A UDF?

What's In A UDF?

By Andy Shettle
20 December 2016

ER Tracker is a configurable solution that turns your HR policies into manageable, visible stages and steps to make your HR case management as streamlined as possible. But what if you update your HR policies or your HR Director wants you to capture more information? 

We always look to develop new features that we know our customers want and the feedback we got was that they wanted the ability to create more custom fields.

In the December product update, we released the first phase of the new UDF feature. What's in a UDF? A UDF (user defined field) is a custom field that can be created to track information specific to certain subject areas or capture additional information.   

We've met with customers over the past few weeks to talk about the new UDFs and it's received a positive response, talking through what can now be recorded against both an employee or case.

We've added some examples of fields customers are creating with the new UDF feature;

  • Risk rating of cases to assist with focussing additional energies on cases that perhaps pose a financial or reputational risk on the business. Risk rating scales can be decided upon locally, e.g. red, amber, green, or perhaps 1 through to 5.
  • Choosing the probability of the risk materialising, again from a pre-defined list.
  • A free text field to enter how the risk will be managed, e.g. a brief plan of what will be implemented, or if the risk is just accepted.
  • Logging external reference numbers of other organisations that may be involved in a case such as a police reference number or a professional body.
  • Free text field that can be limited in length if required to enter what the current position is on a case and what the intended next steps are.
  • Capturing the nine protected characteristics against employees (age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation).

This is phase 1 of the UDF feature and soon customers will be able to choose the order UDFs appear on screen, import employee UDFs via the employee import process and export UDFs on the Timeline Analysis report.

With customers now having the ability to create unique fields to their requirements and the continued development of new features our customers want, ER Tracker makes HR case management easy.