Don't Forget The Parcel Tape

Don't Forget The Parcel Tape

By Jo Downend
02 December 2014

On the eve the HFMA Annual Conference 2014 the Selenity (formerly Software Europe) office is buzzing with excitement. It’s a big event in our calendar as we get so much out of exhibiting. For us it’s about key relationships building our brand.

When it comes to brand awareness we’re not doing too badly with 65% of the NHS already customers (and hopefully recognising our logo) however we’re not quite ready to feature in the logo game yet! Events are the perfect opportunity to show off what we do and increase awareness of our brand.

At this year’s event we’ll be celebrating 25 years in business and we wanted to create a fun and relaxing environment with Expenses and GreenLight taking centre stage. With this in mind we kicked off the project by discussing ideas of how we could attract visitors to come and say hello. We wanted to make sure everyone felt welcome, and in our 7th year as exhibitors we’ve made sure there’s plenty of space to do this; a whopping 6 x 4 metres to be precise!

We had great fun discussing different ideas for the stand design and deciding which activities delegates would enjoy the most. I won’t give too much away (you will have to follow us on Twitter for that) however let’s just say we have a ‘not to be missed’ competition and a wacky activity to take part in. There will be plenty of comfy seating to relax on as well as the giant iTab (you can’t miss it) plus it’s a great way to show off our Expenses360 app with the new GPS functionality.

We’ve probably revealed too much already, so let’s leave it there as it’s now time for us to book the courier and send the materials to the venue! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @softwareeurope and join the #HFMA2014 conversation. Now where did I put that parcel tape?