The good hides the bad and the horse has bolted

The good hides the bad and the horse has bolted

By Andy Shettle, Chief Product Officer of ER Tracker
22 August 2018

Living in the world of big data gives us the opportunity to see more and more insights into how we operate as a business or team. From our experience of HR data, it is often the case that the information that’s available to decision makers is historic, often a month out of date and not able to be used sufficiently to make proactive and informed decisions before an issue occurs.

Sickness absence is a great example where the headline figure can hide a serious problem. If you have an organisation sickness absence rate of 3% and an employee count of one thousand, the 3% might not sound too bad, but if you delved further into the information, you will no doubt find that the 3% of sickness is likely to be attributed to 20% or so (the bad) of the total staff. The 80% remaining are the good which are hiding the bad. While it is inevitable that there will always be sickness, and perhaps 3% is acceptable, having real time information on who is off sick and why and for how long would at least give some insight to the problem and possibly some proactive interventions to get people back to work.

Similarly with HR case management, just knowing that a case was completed for example within the 90 days as per your local policy, it is again historic and the good that hides the bad can creep in and distort the real truth behind the 90 days.

Completing the employee relations case within 90 days as a headline ticks the box, but what if one of the steps required to be completed, for example, a disciplinary outcome letter had to be completed within five days but it actually took 15 days? It might be the case that by not adhering to this five day target will cause you the greatest pain by not following your own policy and ending up in an employment tribunal.

Selenity ER Tracker solves the issue of having real time information on employee relations cases by showing you a breakdown of each step in a case including the duration taken compared to the estimated time frame. When a step is about to go over due a reminder email and SMS are sent and also flagged up in the users dashboard.

90 day target completed?  All steps completed within time? Ended up in an ET?  Over result
Yes  No Yes  Failure
Yes  Yes No   Expected

Having real time information proactively advising your HR team will cut the chances of missing vital steps and not having to appear before an ET.

Selenity ER Tracker is an innovative online application that is configured to customer’s HR policies, which increases compliance while improving efficiencies of employee relations cases.


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