Our NCS adventure

Our NCS adventure

By Sophie Blackband, Head of Business Support and HR
08 August 2018

We are proud to be sponsoring the National Citizen Service for the 5th time this year. This week Chloe and Sophie visited the first of three social action projects we're supporting.

These projects form an important part of the scheme benefiting the local community, by way of giving something back. And can include anything from gardening and landscaping projects that renovate areas in the community that may have fallen into disrepair, to helping local charities through raising awareness and funds.

The first of which was a full garden makeover for a local care home. It was no small task with four separate areas needing a complete overhaul. While visiting the project it was so wonderful to see, not only how the young people had pulled together to achieve their objective of improving the outside spaces, but also the wider impact they had made, both to each other and also to the residents of the home. Breathing new life and colour into more than just the gardens.

It's an amazing experience to have witnessed first-hand the phenomenal impact the scheme has on its participants, not only the positive impact the group have on their local community, but on a personal development level too. The confidence gained, friendships built and overall skills and life experience they come away with is so apparent, and something we are honoured to be a part of.

The programme is a fantastic opportunity for young people from all backgrounds and ability levels, to come together to build their confidence, meet new people and to make a positive difference. NCS includes challenging activities, away-from-home residential experiences and self-designed social action projects.

The scheme has been running through The EBP (Education Business Partnership) in Lincoln now for 11 years with over 8500 young people having already benefited from their experiences on the scheme. The continued demand makes sponsorship more important than ever.

Next week we'll be visiting The Lincoln Drill Hall where the group will be renovating a disused courtyard into a sustainable herb garden and seating area! We look forward to continuing to be part of supporting young people in one of country’s fastest growing youth programmes.


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