Brand new experiences

Brand new experiences

By Chloe Walker
13 August 2018

I had no idea where I wanted to spend a week for the Barclays life skills scheme, until my work experience co-ordinator asked me if I had heard of Selenity, as a unique opportunity to do a placement with them had been put forward by my IT teacher. I was excited about the prospect of a placement at Selenity, all be it a little nervous to make sure I made a good impression and also represent my school.

The week before my work experience I spoke to Sophie on the phone to get some further details about what I could expect, she made me feel relaxed about the week ahead and assured me there was nothing to be nervous about.

On the first day, I stood outside unsure what life would be like in the workplace, to my surprise the company was very laid back and made me feel relaxed. Rebecca greeted me with a warm smile, asked me about my day and got me a cup of tea!

During the week I took part in a variety of activities and tasks to gain knowledge of all the different aspects of the company. I enjoyed every moment of working with the teams in the company, my favourite departments included; Marketing, Expenses Expedite and Business Support. I enjoyed demonstrating my creativity in Marketing, getting to know the super friendly Expenses Expedite Team and learning about the operation of the company in Business Support.

On Friday I met Neil, who is the CEO of this extremely well-run company and we had a chat about my experiences throughout the week. He told me about the history of Selenity and what he does to ensure both customer and employee satisfaction. He took on board everything I said and was a real inspiration.

Overall, I am honoured to have had this one of a kind experience. I am grateful to have been a part of an amazing company like Selenity. The week has given me an insight into all the different career choices ahead and personally, I would love to work for a company like this. All of the colleagues have great motivation to work because of the freedom the company gives them and they clearly enjoy their jobs.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the members of the Selenity team for making my experience memorable.


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