Looking For Solutions

Looking For Solutions

By Dawn Pickersgill
04 August 2016

We chatted with Business Development Manager Dawn Pickersgill about the satisfaction she gets from helping to solve the problems that our customers and potential customers face.

Ever scratched your head thinking how you can get around a problem? I'm sure most of us have at some point in our lives; or even most days! At Selenity (formerly Software Europe), we develop cloud solutions to solve problems, streamline processes, improve efficiencies and make our customers lives easier.

A valued Expenses customer contacted me with a problem. They were trying to work out how they could capture odometer readings for their lease car users. They were being asked by their lease car provider to record the data on a separate system. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is helping our customers and prospects solve their problems and I knew how to solve this for them.  

The solution to their problem was already within Expenses, it just needed switching on and a quick call to talk through the feature. At the click of a button they could now capture odometer readings for certain employees, and it doesn’t have to include all employees. Nothing changes for the users in their process, they complete an expense claim as normal, including any business mileage, but for those required to provide an odometer reading, this is requested when the claim is submitted for approval. Knowing the odometer reading for each claim submitted, it is then possible to indicate the total mileage travelled for each claim period. 

In turn, knowing the total mileage travelled in the claim period and the business mileage recorded on the claim, it was then possible to deduct the personal mileage travelled in the same period.

Problem solved and another satisfied customer! I love going into organisations and spending time showing them how our solutions can solve their problems. Throughout all of this I get to meet some great people and build relationships and partnerships and so when they become customers, I can ensure that they get the most out of our solutions.