Testing Time For Expenses!

Testing Time For Expenses!

By Lewis Hughes
04 August 2015

Here at Selenity (formerly Software Europe), we think it is vitally important to continually develop and improve the features within Expenses ensuring our customers get the best product and service. Last week saw the release of the updated Flag Management functionality within Expenses.  The changes give our customers an even greater level of control making it even easier to spot fraudulent activity and ensure policy compliance.

We caught up with one of our Software Test Analysts, Corry Littlefair, who gave us an insight into the rigorous testing that is carried out to ensure our features meet the customer’s needs.   

Most of my time is spent using our software in ways that it would not normally be used.  The reason for this is that I am one of the Software Testers on the Quality Assurance team.  With our products being highly intuitive and tailored for each customer, it is essential that we ensure all functionality works for diverse system configurations.

It is not all about functionality either, we have to ensure that the look and feel is good enough for the end user experience, and the many different browsers that can be used to access our products – and of course mobile devices too!!  On the rare occasion that a problem is identified, initial effort is to reproduce and understand why the issue has occurred in the first place.  We then document the ‘how, who, what and why’ to enable the development team to quickly resolve the issue, thoroughly test the area and pass the work ready for release.

Software enhancements are possibly the most pleasing area of our work. It is satisfying knowing that the new features not only make our products even better and easier to use but also because some of them come from our customers suggesting how we can make the whole experience better for them.

We regularly hear back from customers as to how we have helped them make their process more efficient, through the use of our software. Collaborative working is at the heart of what we do and throughout the year we have the opportunity to attend roadshows. This gives us the opportunity to  talk directly with our customers and discuss any issues and promote ideas on how product configuration can help them work more effectively.

Some enhanced projects that we work on can take months – literally!  Earlier last year, we updated the Address lookup functionality.  This was the result of over 9-months of design, development and testing.  Feedback has been excellent for this feature and was a great team effort – looking back at the long hours we spent on this, we can see that it was all worth it.

Our customers are more than just customers; they are part of the Selenity community and we’ll continue to ensure that new features and enhancements help to improve their processes and make their lives easier.