Feel The (En)force(ment)

Feel The (En)force(ment)

By Adam Bamford
13 August 2015

Automation – the technique, method, or system of operation or controlling a process by highly automatic means, as by electronic devices, reducing human intervention to a minimum.

We sat down with Adam Bamford, our Expedite Services Manager who gave us a few of the benefits he believes automating processes brings to a business.

In my day-to-day role I have the pleasure of meeting business people from all walks of life and ranges of job roles. From owners of companies, department managers to shop floor workers and when I ask them if they could make one change in their day-to-day role they often say the same thing… I’d like more time in my day to complete the jobs I need to complete.

Whilst I’m not a wizard and can’t create time, I do understand the automation of business processes and the benefits doing so can bring.

I’ve worked with many cloud based solutions from HR to payroll to expenses. I’ve seen what taking the leap of faith into automation can bring; from the pain of the initial meeting to the joy at 6 months post implementation!

There are a raft of benefits which can be felt within weeks of ‘go-live’ and realistic ROI’s that can be achieved within months.

I won’t list them all but my top 3 benefits to automating your expenses are:

  • Save time – yes you can actually save time by investing in automation via the cloud. By allowing your employees to access a purpose built solution they will reduce time in claiming expenses. Your admin team will save time by not having to re-key data into one or two additional systems.

  • Policy enforcement – by having your expense policy viewable for each claim employees will claim accurately each and every time. If they try not to custom flags and limits will enforce your policy for you; all without you having to lift a finger.

  • Save money – by mixing points one and two above, your business can increase productivity throughout the authorisation cycle and policy enforcement saving you money through the elimination of over payments.

Whilst not quite wizardry, you can use the latest cutting edge technology and forward thinking to give time back to all your departments. Is it time you automated?