Step in to the Selenity salon

Step in to the Selenity salon

By Lewis Hughes
27 April 2017

When it comes to unusual and inventive employee incentives, tech companies are often seen to rule the roost. From the midday siesta in a nap pod at Google, to Facebook's on-site healthcare facilities it’s easy to see why. 

So it's no surprise to discover that within a few minutes of entering our head office in Lincoln you can grab a can of Shandy Bass out of the vending machine, catch a game of fussball, and then ride down to your morning meeting on an electric BMW i8.

However what do these perks really mean to the everyday life of colleagues?

"Employee engagement and incentives has always been a key priority for us" commented Emma Coultan, Chief Human Resources Officer.
"We recognise that happy people not only perform better but also stay longer. We wanted to take our standard incentive package, which includes private health care, free fruit, and discount incentives through Perkbox, and challenge how we can make our colleagues lives better outside of the workplace. We already offer an additional day off for birthdays to enhance the work life balance and this is an area we’re looking to expand."
HaircutIt is this thought process that led Selenity (formerly Software Europe) to engage with a local hairdresser and offer onsite haircuts to colleagues during the workday.
Emma added "It's important that we listen to the feedback of what our colleagues want and tailor our incentives to suit. A chance conversation with someone struggling to find the time at the weekend to get their haircut, quickly led to setting up the project. The great thing here is that we've been able to benefit people outside of their working hours, enabling them to spend the weekend on the things that matter the most to them. Although we also recognise that for some a Saturday morning hair appointment is a well-earned relax!"
Anthony Bosch, Account Manager commented. "The fantastic thing about Selenity is that it only takes one small comment about not having time to get your haircut and within a fortnight there's a hairdresser onsite. Gone are the days of stagnant suggestion boxes, which I've seen at many other organisations. I really love that things happen quickly here, it only needs to crack 16 degrees and someone's running down to the shops for sausages and coleslaw; and before you know there's a BBQ on the lawn!"