Inspired to learn more

Inspired to learn more

By Thomas Smith
07 April 2017

We often have students join us for work experience from Sir Robert Pattinson Academy, and recently we welcomed Thomas Smith. After a busy week of working across all departments of our business, we asked him to reflect on his time spent with us.

Before my week’s work experience, my Dad told me that he uses their Expenses management solution and explained to me how it helps his company and so I was fascinated as well as nervous to start. The school also said it was a great business and I’d have a week’s experience.

I arrived in their reception area and watched as people came into work. Neil Everatt the CEO came up to me, introduced himself, welcomed me and told me to enjoy myself and have a good time. I then met Chief HR Officer Emma Coultan who really helped me settle my nerves. She showed me what they had planned and I was really pleased with the variety as I was interested in seeing how Selenity (formerly Software Europe) operates.

On Monday I learnt about security with Corry and Expenses Expedite with Adam. They both seemed so passionate about what they did. Adam told me all about what they do, but when I told him I was a Nottingham Forest he joked that I’d have to leave as he is a Derby County fan. On Tuesday, I learnt about networks and had a call with Ian about cyber security. I joining the development team on Wednesday and learnt about coding and C# from Richard. Spending time with the Marketing team was great as they showed me how they used the website to help sales. The atmosphere in the Sales and Marketing office was great!

My favorite part of the work experience was spending time learning about code as it’s something I’ve always been interested in. Richard was able to answer any questions I had, and he inspired me to go home and learn more about it.

This has been a great week and I have enjoyed the opportunity. Being at Selenity for a week has really improved my confidence, making sure I look people in the eye, speak more confidently and it has given me some career ideas to pursue. I will always remember this week. If someone is interested in computer science, coding or marketing, I would say come here as it’s a great place, with people who are passionate about what they do.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have gone out of their way to give me an unforgettable experience.