Why Should You Outsource?

Why Should You Outsource?

By Adam Bamford
25 April 2016

A win at the UK Cloud Awards where ER Tracker was awarded HR Product of the Year got me thinking about our products and how proud I am of them!

ER Tracker; a unique and innovative solution that streamlines employee relations case management that is feature rich, but maintains its ease of use are just some of the reasons why I think it picked up such a prestigious award.

My business area is Expenses Expedite (our fully outsourcing expenses services) that offers an end-to-end service - Scan, Check, Validate & Pay and without blowing our own trumpet too much ... we are very good at it! This got me thinking about what my top 3 reasons to outsource would be;

  1. Speeeeeeeeed. Your employees want to be paid as quickly as possible. But you also want peace of mind that they are paid only what they are entitled to. So whilst we offer a neck breaking 2 day SLA, we do everything we can to validate even quicker so your claimants can be paid and you can rest easy knowing compliance has been taken care of.

  2. Ease. We have years of experience and hundreds of customers using our Expenses software so we've taken all of our learning and knowledge to create a service that is a doddle for claimants to log-in, claim and get paid with plenty of hassle free options to get your receipts to us (post, app, upload to name just 3!)

  3. Innovation. We don't stand still. We are always developing Expenses Expedite adding new feature rich functionality and the best part is that we listen to our customers feedback - they are the one's using it day in day out and always give us lots of inspiration to take our services to the next level.

If you're investigating outsourcing and want to discuss your requirements then I'm always happy to chat.