When Do You Complete Your Expenses?

When Do You Complete Your Expenses?

By Adam Bamford
12 April 2016

When do you complete your expenses? We sat down with Expedite Services Manager Adam Bamford to talk about the cycle of when people submit their expenses to our Expenses Expedite service.

I love data. I love statistics. I love numbers. I love number patterns. The knowledge that data tells you drives business decisions and enables us to push forward with change. By studying the numbers, you can also pick up trends and talking points fairly easily.

Each week I'm fascinated by our validation queue...bear with me this will get interesting. Our validation queue is the number of receipts that are waiting to go through our 16 point check for VAT or business compliance; the number of images in the queue tells us how busy we are and how hard we need to work to hit our 2 day SLA from submission to completion.

So the pattern looks a little something like this:

  • Friday - we have the queue down by 5pm and are completing checks from the afternoon. By 9pm the queue is starting to look a bit busier.
  • Saturday - a sudden spike of claims and the queue is very busy.
  • Sunday - a slow day with only a few items being added.
  • Monday - a very busy day. The team spend the day clearing the backlog. By 6pm the queue is still very busy.
  • Tuesday - busy until around 3pm when we have managed to reduce the queue down to an easily manageable level.
  • Wednesday - reasonably busy day but again easily managed.
  • Thursday - we are on top of the queue with the levels dropping very low.
  • Friday - the loop starts again.

What this tells us is that a high percentage of employees are completing and submitting their expenses outside of their working hours. A number of these are being sent to Selenity (formerly Software Europe) on a Saturday morning...are they completing expenses whilst watching Soccer Saturday?!

I've experienced it myself in other roles where completing your expenses claim inside of work hours is frowned upon as it's seen as a 'personal matter', surely this isn't correct as you are completing this to retrieve money you have spent doing your job!

Everyday the team work hard to ensure that our customers receive the quickest and most efficient service so that their claimants get their expenses back quicker.