Time Flies When Your Head’s In The Clouds

Time Flies When Your Head’s In The Clouds

By Julie Waters
18 April 2016

We sat with Professional Services Consultant Julie Waters who shared her musings on where time seems to disappear to and how she loves helping our customers get time back!

Have you ever noticed how time seems to go by so quickly? You often hear people say “There aren’t enough hours in the day.” Yet the seconds, minutes and the hours in a day are fixed and time marches on regardless, never faltering, never changing, and at a relentlessly constant rate. Maybe then the problem is not with the relative speed of time but how we put our time to best use?

At Selenity (formerly Software Europe) we constantly look for ways to make things more efficient, to improve processes so that time is managed more effectively, developing systems to automate processes so that we have time to enjoy the good times.

For example, Expenses fully automates the labour intensive paper-based process into a streamlined solution saving time, reducing costs and ensuring compliance, allowing you to concentrate on what’s important. Then there's our ER Tracker solution, making employee relations case management easy! Or our GreenLight solution that uniquely transforms any paper process into super-efficient online electronic forms with a highly efficient workflow that is configured to your organisation.

My role at Selenity allows me to work with all our cloud solutions and offers me the fantastic opportunity to change current inefficient systems into efficient solutions, and to change time consuming activities into time-saving automated processes. 

So I get to spend my time doing everything I love. I love the challenge of each new project, I get to solve problems, I get to make things work, but best of all, I get to help our customers create systems that match their business processes but in a really efficient way and I get to save them time for what matters to them.

I often look back and wonder where has the last week or month gone? Time sure flies when you’re having fun!