Shhhh... I'm Asking You Something

Shhhh... I'm Asking You Something

By Adam Bamford
13 April 2016

Expedite Services Manager Adam Bamford shares why he thinks really listening to what customers and colleagues say makes all the difference.

One of our Expenses Expedite customers said something to me a few weeks ago that has been nagging away at me day and night ever since. The conversation was based around the customer experience - how they feel about the service, what they like, what they don't and what they would change if they could. Towards the end of the meeting the customer summed up their experience with Selenity (formerly Software Europe) for me in a nutshell, "You have a brilliant product, amazing service but the most important thing is that you listen, you don't just pretend to listen to get someone off the phone or to stop pestering you by e-mail you actually take our feedback on board and make changes for us".

This isn't a customer that we've gone out of our way to impress due to a bad experience or to get money from them. It is one of our many Expenses customers that use our award winning solution to manage their employee expenses, so what we are doing is just our normal ... or is it not so normal?!

I've worked at a few different organisations, some big and some very small. The over riding reason I've left each of these roles is the customer experience. I've been with global giants that truly treat there customers with contempt because they are bigger than them, all the way down to start-up's with 3 or 4 employees who didn't answer the phone because the customer was going to ask them to do something for them!

It is sewn into the DNA of Selenity that the customer should always be listened to with feedback taken to the appropriate people and that, no matter your position, if you are speaking to a customer you give them your full attention to truly understand what needs doing.

This week I decided to take this internally by setting aside some time with my Expedite team to have 45 minutes out from an extremely busy service for a coffee and catch-up. We can sometimes hide behind being busy as a reason not to do things so I wanted to show the team that their opinions matter as they play a pivotal role in driving the service forward to deliver the excellent levels of customer service.

I must say that by downing tools and listening has been one of the best things I've done as I learnt a lot, took away some changes, listened to some concerns and got to catch-up with my brilliant team.

Sometimes we just need to listen ... it can give better results than hard graft!!