If You Have An Opinion, Feel Free To Share

If You Have An Opinion, Feel Free To Share

By Adam Bamford
25 April 2016

We caught up with Adam Bamford who shared some thoughts on which he prefers; a quiet customer who never complains or a more vocal customer who shares every thought with you.

I asked myself the question which do I prefer whilst out dining last week. I've been to the same restaurant several times and had the same meal on the past 3 occasions with it missing the standard on each occasion. I keep going back and keep ordering the same thing as on paper it looks fantastic and ticks all my boxes. On the latest occasion I did what I always do; eat up and shut up ... I'm not a complainer and I don't like to create a scene (unless the food is under cooked) I'll eat, pay and leave without a word of negativity to the server or kitchen.

On my way home I started to wonder, if I did complain/give constructive feedback/be honest would it make a difference to the way they prepare and cook the dish in future?

Being fairly new to management and fairly new to my role, I would have thought that the less the phone rings and less feedback I get from the customer, the easier my life will be. Actually I couldn't have been more wrong! I really appreciate the customers that are happy to call and email me at every opportunity with feedback (good & bad) as it helps me mould the service around what the customer actually wants rather than me pondering how they are feeling and what they are enjoying about the product and services we are offering.

I've also taken to being proactive with those customers that don't take this approach as I genuinely want the feedback as I want to give them a service that they enjoy using.

Next time I'm out and I order the same dish and it isn't up to scratch, I will take the opportunity to give my feedback as then hopefully the next time, it'll be different.