Human v Machine

Human v Machine

By Adam Bamford
15 April 2016

Adam Bamford talks about how our Expenses Expedite Service mixes the power of the latest technology with the human touch to achieve optimal results.

Selenity's (formerly Software Europe's) Expenses solution is used by thousands of employees up and down the country each day to easily log their expense items using either our Expenses360 mobile app or desktop site. Expenses is packed full of features that makes the claimants task as easy, quick and painless as possible whilst ensuring accuracy for the employer to ensure the expense being paid back is legitimate and appropriate.

Features such as postcode look up, automatic VAT calculation and GPS technology all add up to a tidy time saving over the course of a week or month of claims.

In my world of Expedite (the outsourced arm of Expenses) we use a clever mix of technology and human intervention to make the journey from submission to payment as easy and accurate as possible.

As soon as a claimant hits submit the receipt goes on a journey. We use the latest technologies and techniques to match the humble receipt to a claim line with an Expedite operator checking each receipt to ensure it's either correctly assigned or a request for further information is sent to the claimant... we don't like to guess!

Next comes the validation stage. Using some rather clever software and processes, the receipt is sent from being received, to being available for an operator to carry out our unique 16 point check for business or VAT validation. This stage is crucial to accuracy. Whilst technology could pick up a percentage of the information we prefer to use our expert Expedite operators to fully check each receipt, this allows them to fully enforce the rules accurately and consistently each time whilst having room for common sense when problem's arise... this is the big advantage of using a person at this stage over software.

The mix of the 2 processes allows us to carry out our procedures quickly and accurately with all received receipts being checked for the 16 points of compliance within 2 working days allowing the claimant to receive their money as soon as possible whilst allowing employers confidence that items are being checked and processed accurately.