A Week In Expenses Expedite

A Week In Expenses Expedite

By Adam Bamford
20 April 2016

Adam Bamford has been the Expedite Services Manager for a few months and has embraced every aspect of the role. We caught up with him to take you through a typical week in the life of the Expedite Services Manager!


In the office for 7:30am and the first job of the day is some validation. Our outsourced receipt checking service offers a 2 working day SLA and with the weekend always being a busy period we have a healthy number of images in the queue to perform our unique 16 point check on. I check on the Expedite ticket queue 6 or 7 times throughout the day as we like to respond to all customer queries quickly. Generally the tickets are claimants asking for advice or tips on using the Expedite service so they can get paid as quickly as possible. In the afternoon I prepare for a customer meeting; although this customer has been live for a few months we offer continuing guidance to assist our customers in making the most of the Expedite service by ongoing training for administrators.


Same as Monday, I start the day with some validation. Once a week I review the staffing resources because as Expedite grows, the demands and pressures on the existing infrastructure grows so it’s prudent to check that what we have in place still fits our needs for now and the next couple of months compared to forecasted growth. At midday I have some in-house training to the Expedite processing team so I spend an hour making sure everything is in place, anything new we’ve learnt since our last session is included. The training session goes really well and it’s always good to gather new ideas from the team regarding what Expedite can do next to enhance our customer experience.


I'm the road early as I'm onsite with one of our larger Expedite customers. The aim of the session was to offer further support and training for the admin team as they promote the use of Expenses Expedite for the claimants. A very positive few hours as we work through an action plan for the coming 4 weeks; nothing better than assisting the system admin teams with getting more from the solution.


Today I'm visiting another one of our large Expedite customers. This particular customer has been using Expenses Expedite for a while now so this is a quarterly catch-up. It's an enjoyable couple of hours looking at usage stats, discussing ideas for the future development of the service and discussing some reporting they’d like some assistance with. Since this customer has joined us from another outsourced provider we've worked together to drive the understanding of our HMRC compliant service... we've certainly made a huge amount of progress over the last few months.


I spend time on a Friday making sure all customer queries have been taken care of, the validation queue is as low as possible ready for the influx over the weekend. I catch up on all of the admin tasks and send out updates for the weekends release… we add new features/functionality into Expenses every month.

Although that may be a typical week, I also love that every week offers up new tasks and challenges. Getting out on the road, sitting with customers and making sure they get the most out of the solution are days I really enjoy. Although my new role has been challenging, I wouldn't have made the progress I have without the support of so many awesome colleagues that go above and beyond their job description to assist with anything and everything.