HR Directors Business Summit 2016

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The HR Directors Business Summit (2-4 February 2016, Birmingham, UK) is the most senior HR gathering of this kind in the world. This popular event will bring together over 1500 qualified C-Suite HR leaders and pioneering HR solution providers. The summit is jam packed with over 100 speakers discussing the hottest industry topics, including strategic HR and business performance, OD and change management, employee engagement, social HR, driving leadership, policies and employment law and many more. 

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Tech and Demo Zone Wednesday February 3rd 15:20 - 15:50

Moving beyond spreadsheets - By Andy Shettle 

Employee Relations is a journey and it’s one that can take time for HR departments to master.

Overwhelmingly, ER cases are managed on a reactive basis with limited data collection and reports only being produced at key stages in a case. As with any job function within an organisation, working on a reactive basis creates inefficiencies in processes.

HR departments need meaningful data to help them identify

common characteristics within cases typical hold-ups or delays understanding of the root cause of why cases are occurring when to intervene to reduce further cases.

Moving beyond the spreadsheet can be a straightforward process and one that can be helped by using Software Europe’s Employee Relations analytics maturity model – a five step process to identify how to move from reactive basic data recording to proactive case management.


How analytics can help your case management.

Every organisation, large or small, is moving through an employee relations analytics maturity journey. However, understanding how to get to the next phase in the journey requires knowing where you are in the first place.

Interested in finding out which areas of your employee relation management could be improved? Want to know where you are on your analytics maturity journey?

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How analytics can help your case management.