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ESR automatically populates 100% of employee record fields.

Improve the efficiency of your workforce by automatically populating employee fields within your employee relations case records. Now you can spend less time setting up your case records and more time proactively working on them. An integrated system will allow you to easily populate employee record fields direct from ESR. This means you can be sure your information is accurate and up to date. 

ER Tracker is a configurable and flexible solution for tracking, recording and monitoring all your employee relations cases. Designed to help you manage your employee relations cases like disciplinary, grievance, absence and whistleblowing. 

Compliance, visibility and efficiency are at your fingertips. 

Say goodbye to spreadsheets!

See all of your open cases on one dashboard. Easy to view, easy to use, helping you to manage more effectively.

Know exactly when the next step in a case is due with notifications. Automatic reminders can be sent to the case handler to reduce the risk of dates being missed.


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Reducing employee sickness within the NHS

"Our own experience here at Software Europe is that we have seen numerous cases in customers where employees are staying off work sick for longer than they need to because there’s little-to-no management or control of the overall absence….If the NHS as a whole was able to save just 1% of its annual sickness bill by reducing absences the savings would be significant..."

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Reducing employee sickness within the NHS

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