COVID-19 Services for the NHS

FREE COVID-19 Services

Our services and systems remain fully operational during the current coronavirus pandemic. Our teams are working remotely and on hand to support you.

As part of our continued commitment to the NHS, here's a few ways we're helping.

FREE COVID-19 Services

Expense Item

Expense Item

We can set up a new expense item for your teams to manage their related expenses.



Set up any volunteers who need to claim expenses as part of their COVID-19 support.

New Case

New Case Type

We've added in an additional case type for our Selenity ER Tracker customers to manage their COVID-19 related absences.

Case Management

Case Management

Access and implement Selenity ER Tracker along with the new CV-19 case type.

Manage COVID-19 related expenses

New expense item for COVID-19 expenses

Set up volunteers on your expenses system

Expenses mobile - submit and approve without the need for a computer

New expense reason for COVID-19 expenses

Expenses Mobile

Expenses Mobile offers a quick and easy way to submit and approve your expenses without the need to go near a computer or laptop. The Expenses Mobile app is free to download and can be used on any smartphone, including personal ones. All you need to do is log in using your Selenity Expenses details to start claiming straight away. You can also scan your receipt straight into the app using Receipt Wallet and it will populate the expense details for you. Simply search Selenity Expenses within your app store.

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Expenses Mobile

CV-19 expense item or reason

You may have the need to track the expenses your organisation is incurring from COVID-19 in your Selenity Expenses system. This will help you easily report on your expense spend as part of COVID-19.

If you would like us to create a new expense item or reason configured for this purpose on your behalf, please raise a ticket with our service desk and we will get this sorted for you.

Raise a ticket
CV-19 expense item or reason

NHS volunteer expenses

You can now set up any volunteers who need to claim expenses as part of their COVID-19 support.

This free of charge addition is available to all NHS Expenses customers who will receive:

  • A new sub-domain to allow volunteers to self-register

  • A new item role - Volunteers Covid (Non-Staff)

  • Three new expenses items: For mileage, public transport and other expenses

  • BACS file for export/payment

Set up COVID-19 volunteers
NHS volunteer expenses

Manage COVID-19 related absences

Record employee absences and associated information

Ensure cases are being treated fairly for employees and in accordance with HR policies

Provides full visibility and monitoring of employee HR cases

Allows HR teams to manage an increased case load remotely

Free case type

Selenity ER Tracker customers can now access an additional free case type CV-19 to help track and manage COVID-19 cases and absences. It’s important that any staff absences are recorded accurately over the coming weeks and months. Teams need to be able to collectively monitor absences so they can help employees return to work safely – as well as provide appropriate advice and support.

Activate new case type
Free case type

Free HR system

We can help reduce the strain on your HR teams in tracking virus related absences with our free version of Selenity ER Tracker - the UK's leading HR case management solution.

The free version, ER Tracker CV19, will help you:

  • Record employee absences and flexible working requests related to the virus

  • Ensure cases are being treated fairly and in accordance with your HR policies.

  • Provide full visibility so you can monitor progress

Get ER Tracker CV19
Free HR system