Why it's time for digital receipts.

A guide to moving your expenses to the cloud. Learn how to automate your expenses.

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What's included in this guide?

Best practice for managing and storing receipts

Insider knowledge on payroll manager challenges

The rules of governing, accepting, managing expense receipts

Practical tips to making the switch to digital expenses

Watch Selenity Expenses in 60 seconds!

Watch Selenity Expenses in 60 seconds!

Expenses Key Features

Mobile Phone

Mobile app

Record, submit and approve expenses on the go. Includes digital receipt upload from and GPS mileage capture.

Mobile Phone


Built in HMRC tax rules make sure you're compliant. Maximise VAT reclaim with automatic VAT calculations. 

Mobile Phone

Reporting suite

Over 120 built in reports provide insight into spend. Identify key areas of spend with intelligent data analysis.

What our customers are saying...

Hull City Football Club

"Expenses also makes the complex process of tax and VAT really simple. We love that the intuitive flags and limits technology means claimants don't need to have in depth knowledge of finance or VAT rules. Now we can be confident that we are HMRC compliant and achieving maximum VAT reclamation."

Bowers & Wilkins

"The biggest saving we have made is the time aspect; the more people using the system the more they are becoming familiar with it leading to quicker, more efficient claims processing. The help and support we received from Selenity during the implementation process was tremendous."

Accor Hotels

"The increased visibility of expenses throughout our business has been really beneficial and we're now able to analyse our expenses spend and identify areas for further savings. By using the integrated corporate card feature within Expenses we've been able to reduce 1 hour a day down to 10 minutes a day."

Switch to digital expense management.

Make claiming expenses easy for everyone.

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