Save time, reduce costs, stay compliant

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Mobile app

Record, submit and approve expenses on the go. OCR Receipt Scan and GPS mileage capture automatically populates claims.


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Built in HMRC tax rules make sure you're compliant. Maximise VAT reclaim with automatic VAT calculations. 


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Reporting suite

Over 120 built in reports provide insight into spend. Identify key areas of spend with intelligent data analysis.


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Credit card management

Easily reconcile corporate card expenses. Match items to your digital statements. 


Take control of company spend with online expenses!

The intuitive interface makes expense management quick and simple. Enforce policy limits, reduce bottlenecks and eliminate lost receipts. Spend is accurate and auditable for finance teams and Expenses Mobile allows you to access, anywhere, anytime, from any device.

  • Accurate mileage

    Accurate mileage tracking featuring both postcode to postcode lookups or street level addresses. 

    Capture journeys on the app, simply hit start, add any stops along the way and then finish. The journey is automatically captured and added to the claim.

    Customisable mileage rules support typical home to office/location calculations along with relocation mileage and mileage threshold reduction.
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  • Duty of Care

    Manage the recording and verification of driver and vehicle documentation. 

    Alerts prompt when expiry dates are due. Mileage claims can be restricted until a claimant has produced the required documentation. 

    Driver compliance packs provide automated driving licence, MOT and Tax checks along with validation of vehicle insurance.
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    Receipt Scan

    OCR technology scans receipts and automatically populates expense claims. 

    Remove the need to carry a wallet of paper receipts. Simply snap your receipts into your digital wallet. 

    Expenses Mobile then scans the receipt and extracts the key information, automatically populating an expenses claim. 
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  • Receipt Validation

    Receipt validation and claimant payment services. 

    Accurate validation within 48 hours using our 16 point check, ensuring your expense claims are fully compliant with HMRC

    Provides maximum VAT recovery as well as real time HMRC legislative monitoring ensuring maximum compliance.
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  • Integrations

    Integrates with your payroll, finance and HR systems. 

    Information can be shared across your existing systems, removing the need to manually enter data. 

    Selenity’s API allow your applications and system to share data and automate processes. Expenses is Sage200 and Sage50 certified. 
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  • Corporate Cards

    Manage credit cards, corporate cards, and fuel cards. 

    Match transactions on your card statement to existing expenses items or create new ones. Card 
    reconciliation can be managed on both desktop and mobile. 

    Statements can be imported or integrated into Expenses. You can restrict cash claims being paid until corporate card items are reconciled.
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  • Reporting

    Over 120 built in reports providing expenses spend analysis. 

    Design and schedule reports to automatically be delivered via email or to an FTP.  

    The bespoke report builder gives you the freedom to report on what’s important to your organisation. Using an intuitive drag and drop wizard, management information and business intelligence is at your fingertips. 
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  • Security

    Your data is UK hosted and encrypted for the highest security standard.

    Our solutions are monitored 24/7 with data security management ISO27001 and data privacy management.

    Fully configurable to suit your requirements: featuring access control management, Single Sign On, IP address filtering and 24/7 monitored performance. 
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Sage Approved Expenses

Sage compliant expenses solution that eliminates manual entry into Sage 50 and Sage 200. 

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Sage Approved Expenses

Integrate Selenity Expenses into your existing systems

Microsoft Dynamics

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Expenses in the palm of your hand

Expenses Mobile replicates the entire expenses process of the award winning Selenity Expenses software; the most configurable employee expenses management solution designed to reduce time and costs and increase productivity amongst payroll and finance teams.

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Corporate card integration

Manage card expenses including credit cards, corporate cards, fuel cards and, cash reconciliation. Claimants can match transactions to their existing or new expense items, via Expenses Mobile or desktop. You can even restrict users submitting their cash claims until they have reconciled their corporate card statements.

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Corporate card integration

Driver duty of care

Manage your employees' driver documents within Selenity Expenses. Simply upload the relevant documents and receive reminders when renewals are due. You can even restrict the payment of mileage until accurate records are in place. The Driver Compliance Pack is a solution that allows you to manage your drivers and vehicles automatically with driving licence, car tax and MOT retrieved using data sourced from the DVLA, along with an insurance validation service. 


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Driver duty of care

Fast outsourced expenses

Outsource the areas which are causing you the biggest headache. 

We scan and validate your expenses within 48hrs, with next day payment as standard. 


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Fast outsourced expenses

Used by 67% of the NHS workforce

The market leader for the NHS, Selenity Expenses was the first expense management system to provide a bi-directional interface with the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and is the product of choice for 67% of the NHS workforce.

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It's easy to claim expenses

Everyone claiming expenses at your organisation will find life much easier with our expense management software. It takes at least 50% less time to submit, approve and reimburse, when compared to manual systems.

Employees can submit claims quickly, accurately and securely online or through their Expenses Mobile app.

With a simple duty of care consent from your employees, Selenity Expenses can automatically populate your drivers entitlement and endorsement data using our automatic duty of care checks which uses data sourced from the DVLA. The vehicle look-ups feature then provides real-time accuracy of vehicle MOT and Tax. If a routine check reveals a driver is disqualified, or shows a revoked or expired licence, mileage claims can be suspended.

The unique configurability options make it simple for your staff to provide only the relevant information needed to make their expenses claim policy and HMRC compliant. The result; a more productive and happier workforce.

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It's easy to approve expenses

Authorisation is a breeze either through the smartphone app or online; with one click approval, easy access to receipts, out of policy claims and potential fraud warnings.

One click approves the claim straight for payment. Any issues with the claim and it’s just as easy for managers to send back the whole claim or just the item in question. 

With the latest journey validation technology to accurately calculate the distance travelled by employees, managers can be assured that claims are 100% accurate with no need to double check. 

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Selenity Expenses will benefit your Finance team

Your finance teams receive expenses claims with all of the required information, calculations included and policy validations applied. 

Accuracy goes up as queries and delays go down, with less stress an added bonus. Not to mention maximum VAT recovery and the elimination of fraud - all part of the many benefits enjoyed with Selenity Expenses.

The duty of care feature within Selenity Expenses keeps a full audit history of all vehicle and driver documents to help protect your organisation if required to prove your duty of care responsibilities. In partenrship with Licence Check we provice and automatic duty of care service that uses dat sourced from the DVLA database to automatically check employees driver and vehicle documentation, you have everything you need to manage your legal duty.

The system interfaces with any finance and accountancy package along with consolidating all major credit card, purchase cards and fuel cards removing the manual reconciliation.

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Selenity Expenses provides intelligent reporting

Our suite of over 120 standard reports means you have the business intelligence at your fingertips. The 'Top 10' report collection is a popular choice, which provides visibility on activities such as overspend, policy breakers and frequent duplicators.

Imagine arriving at the office Monday morning knowing that your management spend reports have been automatically generated and delivered to the relevant people. 

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