Terms and Conditions

In these Terms & Conditions the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

"Customer Referral Scheme" means the scheme made available by SEL whereby the Referrer is rewarded in the event a Referred company/organisation becomes a SEL customer.

"Open to Users" means the purchased SEL product or service can be used by the Referred company/organisations users.

"Referred company/organisation" means the company or organisation referred to SEL by a Referrer completing the online referral form.

"Referrer" means SEL's current customer referring another company/organisation.

"SEL" means Selenity Limited.

  • The Customer Referral Scheme is only open to current SEL customers.
  • The Customer Referral Scheme is only valid if the Referred company/organisation is not currently engaged with SEL.
  • There is only one reward for each Referred company/organisation referred. SEL will notify the Referrer if the Referred company/organisation has previously been referred.
  • In the event that a Referred company/organisation is sent by multiple Referrers, whichever Referrer submitted the referral first will be deemed as the Referrer.
  • Each Referred company/organisation must contract directly through SEL, not through a Reseller.
  • SEL requires the Referrer representative name, Referrer company name and Referrer telephone number. SEL will also require the Referred company/organisation name, Referred company/organisation representative name, Referred company/organisation email address and Referred company/organisation contact number.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals made by each Referrer.
  • The Referred company/organisation must sign a contract for any SEL product or service for a minimum of one year.
  • Upon confirmation that the Referred company/organisations have reached Open to Users stage, a charity donation of £250 will be made by SEL to a UK registered charity of the Referrers choice.
  • If the Referrer wishes to remain anonymous in any publicity relating to this Customer Referral Scheme this must be clearly stipulated in an email to legal@selenity.com prior to the Referred company/organisation product or service reaching Open to Users.
  • Referrer and Referrer representative will be named in communication between SEL and the Referred company/organisation.
  • The Customer Referral Scheme is available to UK residents only.
  • The Customer Referral Scheme is not open to SEL staff.
  • In the event of any disputes regarding any Referred company/organisation, the decision of SEL is final.

If you require any further information in regards to the Customer Referral Scheme then please email legal@selenity.com.